Awaiting our flight to the US… (at Terminal 5 London Heathrow Airport (LHR))

Awaiting our flight to the US… (at Terminal 5 London Heathrow Airport (LHR))

A (lack of) prepping for holidays...

It’s most unlike me…with less than 24 hours until we fly to the US, I’ve done no prep, no packing and no research. We’ll be visiting New Orleans and Miami for the first time and I’ve no idea what we’re going to do.
The last two weeks at work have been manic, to say the least. I’ve pretty much been working every hour I can during the week…all to have a clear desk when I finish up this evening.
Don’t get me wrong - I’m really looking forward to the break. But usually by this stage, I have an agenda worked out, half my packing done and all my reading completed on the place we’re…

It's that time of year...

Yep. There’s something in the air. You can see it all over Europe, as people across the continent look up with a sense of anticipation and optimism for the future. Exercising their democratic right, they vote in their millions and select…
Their entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.
Now, I won’t hear a word against the Eurovision. I’ve been a fan for many years, possibly since one of Ireland earlier wins. (There’s nothing like a certain amount of national pride to pique my interest).
Yes, it’s camp. Yes, some of the music is bizarre. Most of the costumes, too. The presenters have been both…

London SuperComicon 2014

Had a fantastic morning out at the superb London SuperComicon today. As always (this was my third), the cosplayers were out in force and were really happy to be snapped. The snarling chap above came as Wolverine in his X-Force uniform and was really up for posing with anyone who came his way.
A definite ‘A for effort’ for the cosplayers, most whom seem to have arrived on public transport. The DLR was a very interesting ride as a result. My iPhone kindly automatically sent all of my pics to Google+ - you can see the resulting album by clicking here.
Unlike last year, I didn’t buy a load…

A Sunday Brompton Meander

Today’s weather was perfect for it, so we headed out for a brief cycle around the Isle of Dogs. I on my shiny new M3L Brompton and @FrankDJS on a Boris Bike.

It’s still taking me a stupid amount of time to get the thing folded and unfolded, but I’m definitely faster than on day one. And I’ve since bought the Brompton folding basket for the front. It’s excellent - lightweight, holds a ton of stuff and folds to almost flat for storage back at the apartment.
I had a lot of Amazon vouchers left over from my birthday in February, so I also splashed out and got the Brompton O Bag for…

Out and about on my new Brompton…

Out and about on my new Brompton…

Evernote on your wrist?

Pebble’s announcement of an Evernote app for their smart watch has piqued my interest.
I think Pebble is the standout winner (so far) in the battle of the smart watches, due to a combination of usability and battery life. Cost is obviously a factor too.
Now they’ve opened an app store and one of the biggest names to announce an integration is Evernote As readers of this blog will know, I basically live in Evernote and the ability to have lists and notes appear on my watch would be really, really useful.
This might just push me over the edge into buying a Pebble.
Except for the…

A day to remember

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary since @FrankDJS and I had our civil partnership. Between family and friends, we just refer to it as our wedding, even though in the eyes of the law, that’s not strictly true. For now.
And just like our wedding, we celebrated it the way we wanted to, which is obviously not to everyone’s tastes. It started with a 7am gym workout.
You read that right.
We were both wide awake and looking round like meerkats since 6am. I have no idea why (and the same thing happened this morning…) so we decided to make the best of the situation and go get some…

Baby steps

I went for my first post-knee surgery run last night. It was definitely a case of dipping my toe in the water and, as per my physio’s advice, I started on the treadmill.
One minute of gentle running, alternated with one minute of walking. I kept that up for 15 mins, but only after doing all of my leg strengthening exercises and some limbering up on the stationery bike.
On the one hand, it felt amazing to be running again. A real mood booster. On the other hand, I noticed that I was running so tentatively, it wasn’t natural. I suppose it’ll take some time before I’m confident again.

Some suggestions for the BBC

Dear BBC,
I’ve just read that you’re going to get rid of BBC 3 Not some of its programming, then entire channel. This strikes me as a bit of an overreaction to your budgetary issues.
So, to help you out, I’ve made a list of things to get rid of instead of BBC3.

Pointless and expensive outdoor live news reports where absolutely nothing is happening
The Voice UK and its relentless message of instant fame
Dragon’s Den and its culture of casual bullying
A small selection of your many, many cookery shows
The One Show. It’s painful and shames us all
One or two of your many, many home…

Flirting with Samsung

I popped into Selfridges at the weekend to pick up a couple of things on my shopping list. As as become my habit, I swung by the technology section in the basement to ogle the super-high-definition TVs and fantasise about owning a home big enough to accommodate one of these monster screens.
While there, I also fondled a few mobile phones.
I’m strange like that.
I’ve spent an inordinate…

Grey skies over Birmingham… express train to London required! (at Bullring Shopping Centre)

Grey skies over Birmingham… express train to London required! (at Bullring Shopping Centre)


I finally got my Brompton! I ordered it online this morning and picked it up in-store just couple of hours later. After a lot of to-ing and fro-ing, I eventually plumped for black. Very pleased with it.
I got a little lesson in folding and unfolding the bike in-store, which left me feeling quite thick and un-coordinated. (Later on, I practiced in the privacy of my own garage and can down fold…

Bromptons galore! (at Brompton Junction)

Bromptons galore! (at Brompton Junction)